SMR Now On iTunes

*shudder* Ok, I’m not a fan of Apple, or anything they do. However, their devices are errrrvrwrrr. I’ve had a ton of comments asking if PolyArmoury could be on other platforms than Soundcloud and YouTube, so here we are: a many headed beast that enjoys the taste of your soul. jk. It’s a link to our iTunes page.

Yep, there you go the beast has eaten my morals. Enjoy.

PolyArmoury Recording Soon

It’s official, the first episode of PolyArmoury will be recording on Friday. We’re hoping to get at least the pilot and first episode recorded. We’ll be releasing one episode a week for the first few weeks but I’m hoping to increase that to two as soon as our outside schedules settle down a little.

If you’re itching for some information, clues, and titbits, check out the PolyArmoury twitter account @PolyArmourySMR – which is currently in the hands of the PolyArmoury’s manager, Vendirak – or tweet the hashtag #PolySMR.