With their home, already under siege from small minded, petty bureaucrats and an orc pimp with a grudge. Madame Valarie, her lover Brilmara, and their lover & consensual slave boy, Thrall, flee in the middle of the night when their town is destroyed by human forces wielding powerful magics.

Tweet the show @PolyArmourySMR or using the hashtag #PolySMR


I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ve never edited a podcast before, especially one which would require this level of editing. Ultimately I feel like the planning was worth it but I’ll need far more for next time to make sure there’s plenty to do.

Prologue and episode one were recorded together so just need to get on and edit the rest of that and start getting ready for the next session. At the moment it’s looking like it will be going up monthly as we all have a lot coming up time wise.

Laura will be at CoxCon for the weekend 21/07-24/07 (There will be all new shiny merch there if you’re interested.

George and I will be at Trans Pride on the 22/07, so come say hi if your there.

I believe there’s a chance we may all be at Brighton Pride 07/08 so again, not much time to record.

PolyArmoury is live now on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Looking forward to feedback on the show. I know I have a lot to learn, but it’s a pretty healthy start I feel.

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