Get With The Program

Over the last few months I’ve been making a horror themed hypnosis/ASMR style… thing on SoundCloud and YouTube.

The basic premise is that you have found a series of “guided experiences” designed to prepare you for something called The Program. It’s been an interesting project as I’ve made creepy media in the past, but nothing so specifically horror themed.

Sadly, it’s been a bit much for a lot of people and few have managed to listen to more than an episode or two as it seems to just really bother them. Especially those with good visual imagination. I myself have aphantasia so I have no idea what it’s like in that regard. I just keep writing things I think people find horrific – within my own personal limits – and hope for the best. I’m planning on leaving it at ten episodes. It’s currently on episode seven so there’s still time to get listening before it’s all over.

If you’re into creepy horror that may see you drowned in sewage or dismembered by commuters, grab your ear screw, neck your concurrance medication, and head to SoundCloud or YouTube.