London Calling Collect

Twice a year, when the stars are aligned, the circles are drawn, and the ramen is ready, nerds of every flavour gather at ExCel in London.

The time is now, the cosplay is finished, a voice on the wind howls uwu. It can only mean MCM London ComicCon. Friday is always the quietest day, which does socially anxious folks like me just fine. In spite of the relative quietness, there were some stunning cosplays on show (none of which I got pictures of, because that would mean talking to people I don’t know and am in awe of). You want Spider-Punk, Spider-Man, Deadpool in a suit, Black Panther, rule 63 Link, alllllll of the anime? There’s all of that. Want to play the new Pokémon Let’s Go games, Cat Quest 2, Soul Calibre VI? Check, check, check. Want a freaking tattoo?! Surprisingly, this is an option this year (though I was somewhat concerned about how hygienic they can get a convention hall).

None of that working for you? There’s a celebrities doing signings (Paul Bettany, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Paul McGann, David Bradley, Zack Callison, Caroline Blakiston, and tons more), beautiful creations in artist alley, retro games, refurbished Gameboys, t-shirts, goodies, swords, drinking horns, Japanese snacks, comic books, panels, So. Much. Merch on a huge variety of stalls, and more that I’ve probably forgotten about. Seriously, there’s a LOT here.

More important than all of this is furries. Because furries are awesome. So cute, so floof, so precious. There’s so many great furry folx in amazing fursuits and they make me so very very happy.

If all this sounds like the very best thing, and you need it in your life, head over here to get day tickets for Saturday and Sunday. And if you can’t make it to London, there’s always MCM Birmingham at the end of November. For more of this great nerdary.

Queer & Pleasant Strangers – Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet will be doing a meet up on Saturday afternoon. Keep an eye out on Twitter for details.