So a couple of months ago, I appeared on a D&D 5e oneshot called The Goblin’s Feet – hosted by the lovely Laura Dale, with Joe Parlock – also of Let’s Play Videogames, and George Johnson of

It was a brilliant evening and I had loads of plans for what I could do with that character in future. However, D&D campaigns do require a fair bit of writing an prep and Laura is a busy girl. This didn’t stop me plotting and scheming about what I could get up to given more time. This all leads neatly to finding out that Amazon had all the important D&D manuals on sale recently. A few messages later and I’ve managed to rope George and Laura into a whole campaign of role playing goodness.

That’s right, I’m swapping my usual dungeon for something less whip-y and more goblin-y. What have they let themselves in for? *prolonged evil laughter* This is my first attempt at DMing and only my second time playing D&D at all, but I’m pretty sure, whatever else happens, we’ll have some fun.

Dates to be announced but keep an eye here and on the official twitter account for more on this.

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